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I'm back!

I've been away far too long. I missed this fandom!

I miss my HSJ babies!

HSJ in Hongkong 05/26/2012 report

It's my first time outside the Philippines and I specifically went to Hong Kong just to see Hey! Say! JUMP and boy, I wasn't disappointed. I went to their very first show overseas. Here's a brief report but I'm a Yamada fan so most of the time I'm looking at him.

Introduction first! I arrived at the venue at 2:30 (since we got lost riding the Ding Ding Tram and the line to the fee shuttle to KITEC is so long). What I did first is to search where I could buy some merchandise but unluckily I couldn't find one. Oh how I envy those girls who bought lots of merchandise. My seat is good and the person seated to my left is Chinese and also a Yamada fan. She was wearing a cute kimono and holding 3 handmade uchiwas for JUMP. She said that she's nervous because its also her first time to go to JUMP's concert and she really looked like she's going to cry.

Then we started calling for JUMP and without any warning, 2 juniors (sorry I don't know their names) went up the stage and then we shouted Hey! Say! JUMP. They sang UMP in which they emerged from the curtain much like what happened in their debut performance. The people here are standing until the end of the show. Yamachan was the only one flying at first and he was carrying a big fan. Then Yuto and Chinen also did that but they are together. Daiki was also a solo flyer. Anyways there's lots of flying both from HSJ and ABCZ. The very first member I saw was HIkaru since he was directly facing us but I don't like his hair... Anyways, I forgot the chronological order of their songs and I'm sure someone will post it so I'm just going to report my favorite ones..

SD - They are good dancers. There's the usual Yamajima thing but aaaargh!!!! I was really waiting for it but the girls near the stage are holding their uchiwas high up in the air so it blocked my view! ah, sorry to say but Chinen really dances weirdly at the chorus.

SURIRU - Best were holding bouquets so I'm preparing myself to catch one since I'm pretty sure that they're going to throw it. Nice song and choreography. They sang and danced like real grown-up (my babies huhu). Oh they did throw it and I envy those girls. 

Wonderland Train - BEST were covered with blue cloth and 7 emerged sitting on chairs. They danced with chairs and sticks. Very good choreography although the exchange of sticks between Yuto and Keito was a fail because Keito didn't catch it (typical Keito! :) I think it's the only mistake in the entire show).

Mayonaka no Shadow Boy - This is my favorite performance. The effects were great! They were singing behind a thin curtain and their faces were magnified through the curtain (just like a projector) each time they sing. When Yamachan and Yuto said "shadow", only their eyes are magnified. It was so great that it's hard to explain. Funny thing is, during the last line of the song, only Yamachan's, Chinen's, Yuto's and Daiki's (not sure) faces were seen. Talk about favorites.

Over - After MNSB (they were wearing different colors of clothes at that time), the curtain fell down and they emerged wearing white costumes. Sorry but I really focused on Yamachan and he's REALLY good at dancing!

BEAT LINE - my favorite song. Everything was great. They sang the whole song and Yuto is always lovely with his drums. I forgot what they sang next but I'm surprised since they are singing and dancing nonstop.

MC part - I only understood little on this part (sorry my Japanese is bad). They talked first to each other and then to us and everytime they say something, the audience reacted. And Yabu was cute when he asked "Everyone, can you understand what we're saying?" haha. They said that the audience are allowed to ask questions. But since it will be hard to communicate with each other, they had a translator with them. I didn't get the first question but they started going in pairs Yamachan-Keito, Yuto-Chinen, Takaki-Yabu, Inoo-Daiki and Hikaru was left behind (he's so cute!). It's very funny because they are so concerned with language barrier but all the people who asked questions can speak and understand Japanese. Someone asked Takaki and Keito to hug. Takaki was so shy but they did it. And they asked her how was it and the girl said if they can hug her too (wise girl). Takaki and Keito went to the girl and shook hands with her. One fan is Yamachan's fan and she asked him if he got his driver's license which he said he didn't have one yet. Oh since there are lots of Yamachan's fans on my side, they shouted Ganbare! Next fan asked Yamachan and Yuto to hug. One fan told them that he's a Yamchan fan and Yamachan thanked her. But she added "Yuto daisuki!" and Yamachan was shocked and the members laughed. Yamachan kept asking about her statement and he couldn't accept it haha and Yuto seems very happy! Then Yamachan and Yuto walked up to the girl and asked her to choose only one but she can't because she likes both of them. This was so cute because Yamachan is concerned with his height so he stood on the part of stage with a higher level and they hugged. Keito was looking for someone who's an English speaker so I really tried hard for him to notice me but he's on the other side. The girl asked where would they like to go to HK and Keito said HK Disneyland. The members raised their hands too.

They sang Thank you. Keito explained in English (you're a savior) that last year, a big disaster happened in Japan wherein many people lost their lives. He said that HK was one who immediately gave help and as representatives from Jpan, they would like to express their gratitude. This is really touching, They were showing the pictures of members with photos courtesy of Yuto. The pictures were great! My 2 best pictures were of Chinen scrunching his face looking like he's in pain and Yabu checking out his teeth in the mirror!

My notes:
- Johnny-san was there but I didn't see him.

- They are really gorgeous in person! Flawless skin and very handsome. Their faces are very, very similar with what we see in videos! But, since I love Yamachan, I don't know why but my eyes kept focusing on him all throughout the show! He's such a performer. Oh he's always at the spotlight but I don't mind. But the gap is really surprising. Throughout the show HSJ were very serious in their performances but I spotted him during the Your Seed dance poking Keito's back wahaha. And he's the only one (I think) who kept making weird faces for the fans. The other members just kept on smiling and waving but he will stop at one point make a weird face and laugh.

- JUMP band is really nice. They are good at each of their instruments. I was enjoying the show when I noticed Inoo wasn't there. I found him at the right side of the stage, quite hidden sad to say (unfair!) Yamachan is really good with saxophone. He really looked professional! His saxophone really matches the band. 

- They really sounded nice. My best singer out of them was Yuto and I wasn't disappointed with his voice (it's so deep). But, (no bias here) I'm surprised with Yamachan's voice. It was really, really good! Daiki too! I also liked Daiki voice before because it's clear but there's nothing special. But when I heard him sing live, oh my, it's so soothing! These are now my top 3 though Yamachan and Yuto exchanged places :) 

-Oh I spotted Yabu scratching his butt during the MC haha! They were quite reserved during the MC because of language barrier.

-JUMP is great! They really have good stamina. Even in the first part, I clearly noticed them breathing heavily but that didn't stop them from performing. Their routines and moves were very tiring and they only got little time to rest.
My first experience was unforgettable. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you JUMP for a wonderful show and I'm sure I will go to your next concerts (hopefully next year).

Hey! Say! Jump in Hongkong

Finally! I'm going to watch JUMP's concert in Hongkong on May 26 at 3 pm. It's my graduation gift for myself! We'll be in Hongkong from May 24-30 and it will be my first time outside the Philippines. I'm sure this is going to be an unforgettable event. I've been waiting for this time!

JUMP and Hongkong, here I am!


Random post about V6

Really... Why didn't I check out this group before? Since nothing has been happenng in the HSJ fandom right now (don't worry JUMP will always be my number 1), I had been searching for other groups lately.

I knew V6 way before I knew Arashi. However, what I didn't know was that this group was part of JE and that they are freakingly hilarious. The baka-ness and fun of Arashi was what made me their fan and what introduced me to the wonderful world of jpop. All this time, I thought no one can beat Arashi in their sense of humor but apparently, they are groups out their who can par with them.

Watching Gakkou e Ikou made me laugh all throughout. They were so funny and natural with their actions. I do not seem to be watching a tv show but rather a group of really good friends who are so comfortable with each other. They emit this strong sense of bond and friendship, so natural that it seems they don't notice cameras filming them. They are very much like elementary students who are hanging out with their fellow classmates doing their stupid things anytime. I really can't explain the fun I had while watching them.

How I wish that JUMP will reach that kind of friendship wherein they can talk freely with each other without hesitating and awkward moments. They are still young and I know that they are gradually deepening their bond and in time, they can give much, much more fun to their fans with their talented abilities, strong bonds, and stupid antics.

Ok so with Arashi's and V6's very, very hilarious sides, NEWS awesome voices, and JUMP's great talents, what will be next? Really, Johnny never made a mistake in putting his talents into their respective groups.

Sharing is love!

I love weekends!!! Why? Because it's during these times that I can fully relax and watch my favorite HSJ and  Arashi videos (as well as browse other stuff). Aside from that, I can spend the day talking about HSJ to my cousins. Speaking of my cousins, I'm very happy that I have a new convert!

Ok for history's sake, I influenced my cousin who is currently a 3rd year college student, to be  fan of HSJ. Yay! Every now and then, I can hear her singing their songs and that made me really happy. Even her older sister asked me to save their songs on her phone because she liked the songs. They would also watch their videos with me.

And then, I introduced HSJ at school. Of course, at first, they thought how childish and weird of me to like these stuff. I understood what they meant since jpop is not really popular here (as compared to kpop) but I didn't mind it. So when we're not doing anything, I let my friend listen to their songs and she liked it. Her favorites are UMP, Score, and Shinku. Haha, I'm so happy.

There you go...I'm a very happy fangirl because I was able to spread HSJ love. I hope that JUMP will continue to do better and that their relationship with each other will be stronger.

We'll always be supporting them!

*Oh, SCANDAL will release another single titled Namida no Regret. I haven't seen the PV yet (because it was deleted in YT before I can watch it) but I'm positive that it will be a great song. I love SCANDAL!


First of all, congratulations to Hey! Say! Jump for your wonderful album. Yes, we waited for 2 and 1/2 years for you guys to release an album and definitely, we're not disappointed. I have been very busy listening to your songs (and kinda lazy to post an entry hehe) but here it is.

Semi bad news first...We all know that the 5 singles will be included in the album and I'm really looking forward to hearing a new version of UMP and Dreams Come True particularly because I'm sure that they will not have the same voice when their first single came out. However, I'm sad that they hadn't changed anything... Therefore, the Chinen we know still had that chibi, cute voice. Oh well, I really don't know what Johnny is thinking.

On to the very good news. Aside from the fact that 8 of the songs were written by the members themselves, the songs were good. And I mean really good. What are my personal favorites? I have been wishing for the album version of Ganbaretsugo, Score, and Memories ever since I first heard them and now I'm very happy. Jounetsu Jump is so-so for me...not the best song but a great song (but I wish to have an album version of Get if only the whole HSJ sung it...)

The new song I first heard was the Smile Song and I found it a bit boring at first.. However, it surely grows on you! Next one is Shinku and without my Yamada biasness, it really is a very great song! All the songs are very very great and I'm very satisfied with it... But my top picks would be Shinku, Infinity, Time, and Dash. Man, I can't choose one 'coz they are all so good. Ai Scream is really a funny one and I like it.. With Dreamer, all hats off to Yabu.

So the songs are great and the singers are good! I had previously posted that of all the members, I like Yuto's voice the best.. However, now, I can say that Yamachan's voice is my favorite. Okay so he's my ichiban but you gotta credit him for having such a nice voice. I really love hearing his voice! Listening to his solo part in Memories, Time, and Thank You makes me a very happy fangirl.

There you go, JUMP No. 1 album had really made HSJ fans happy and thankful that we are supporting them. More albums and singles to come! We fans will be supporting you all throughout! I'm so proud of you!


Happy Birthday Yamada Ryosuke!

 ok, technically it's still Ryosuke's birthday here... I barely made it in time but it's better than none.

It's not you who was the first Japanese singer and actor I'd admired. It's not you who captured my attention and brought me to the world of Japanese pop music. It's not you who introduced me to Johnny's fandom. It's not your voice that I had first loved. It's not your goofiness that I first enjoyed.


It's you who captured my very interest at first glance. It's you who brought me to the great world of Hey! Say! Jump. It's you who made me fall in love with everything about Japan.  It's you that made me addicted to Japanese music. It's your drama that made me support other Japanese dramas as well. And it's you that really motivated me to study Japanese even on my own..

I first knew of Ryosuke when my friend had me watch the PV of NYC since NYC Boys was a newly debuted group at that time. My friend wants me to see Chinen because he's her favorite among them.  But whatever I did, I just can't focus my attention on him but on that boy who, back then,  I didn't even knew. I tried to search for them and I found out that his name was Yamada Ryosuke. And, I was surprised that he was part of  the live action drama TGQ. I knew TGQ because of its anime but i never really paid attention to the drama since it's in my mindset that live action dramas are not interesting to watch. Still, I watched it and boy was I so hooked. Since then, I knew of their group and had been following them..

I love Hey! Say! Jump. It's a fact. I love Yamada Ryosuke. It's also a fact. But hey, everyone has their favorites. Among the 10 of them, Ryosuke will always be the first for me. Why? Because of many things.

The thing I love most about him is his determination. He deserves the place he's at now. He did not became popular in just a week, a day, or a glance. He achieved it because of hard work and determination, staying in the back of others for years. And even though he's famous right now, he just keeps on improving, not being complacent because of his achievements. 

Second is his goofiness. I know Arashi beats him when it comes to this (oh well no one can beat Arashi anyway) but he has his own kind of goofiness. Though he had an image of a cool and sexy guy, he still does stupid things. His imperfections are something that makes him perfect. His *ahem* monomanes are very fun to watch. Whenever somebody would ask him to do an impersonation, he would immediately respond to it not caring how he will look like. I really love the Showa Heisei episodes when he gets the punishment, his embarassing moments in School Kakumei, and of course, his famous epic fail at VS Arashi. Oh Ryosuke!

His childish side is very adorable. He can switch from a mature guy of his age to a childish and playful kid. The way he loves strawberries and eggplants, the way he drools over the food in Showa Heisei and School Kakumei, the way he loves cooking because he love to eat, the way he wants to share his love for eating to others, the way he looks so lonely when he did not get to eat during Heisei Families (as punishment again haha), the way he would always talk about food just prove that he's a pig... ah no a lovable pig!

His dancing skills are...awesome. Really! I love his every movement...And I love his voice!!! Though his is not my favorite among them when it comes to singing (Yuto is up by .1%), I still love it because it's really good, soothing, and amazing!

And his acting skills are great! I had watched his every drama staring from TGQ and he improved a lot. He's also a versatile actor. He can do a serious side, a comedic side, a cool guy, a sad guy, a jealous type, a competitive one, a dramatic kind, a villain...name it. I would really want him to do a full comedy drama preferably with other members as well.  

The list will continue to go on but one thing is for sure. I will always be his fan. I will always support him. I will always support HSJ.

Happy birthday Ryosuke. I pray that you will always be happy and that you will always continue to do your best. Continue to do the things you love, always remember the people and things that brought you to where you are. Keep your goal always in sight and just enjoy life.

Congratulations Hey! Say! Jump for your first album! yay! I know that this is a great gift for Ryosuke and for everyone else. I pray that their album will be a success and that they will have a stronger bond as time pass by. Love one another ok?!

I just like to post this article about Ryosuke from musicjapan

Hey! Say! JUMP Yamada Always Feels Free in the Drama

Johnny's / Hey! Say! JUMP

Hey! Say! JUMP member Yamada Ryosuke was interviewed about his first solo starring drama series "Hidarimetantei EYE/左目探偵EYE (lit. Left Eye Detective) ". "I can feel the responsibility on my shoulder." The freshness to strengthen himself can be found from his words.

Ainosuke, the character played by Yamada in the drama, is a high school student filled with sense of justice. Comparing to him, "The action power of the character is similar to me. I am the type that I will do something suddenly without any thinking." he seems to be the emotional type. "I always follow my feeling." so the work won't be a burden to him.

As to the performance, it will be easier if the actor read the script and then go and feel the on-site atmosphere before filming. "Sometimes you can not go to the scene. So you have to act according to your emotions." Therefore, there are some difficult scenes to act in this drama such as playing with expression only and the intense confront position between two brothers.
"Actually, it is always finished before I know whether I get into the role completely. However, it is fun."
Yamada will continue to challenge the movie and voice artists. We can see the big progress of him in this drama.

In addition, he answered Q&A section with fans.

Q: Where do you want to go overseas?
A: The place with beautiful sea.

Q: What type of female do you like?
A: Tender and obedient girls.

Q: What kind of original dishes do you cook recently?
A: I am too busy to cook these days.

Q: Which senior colleague do you respect most?
A: (KinKi Kids's) Tomoto Koichi-kun.

Q: If you are going to keep a sloth, what will you name it?
A: I haven't thought about it. Maybe BokeBoke.

Q: What's your nickname in your elementary school period?
A: Yama-chan.

It's totally Yamada style answers! Keep your eye on him!

Ryosuke so cute I love him!
Haruma Miura to Star in the Movie "Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You"

Haruma Miura (三浦春馬) will costar with Mikako Tabe (多部未華子) in the movie adapted from the popular girls' comic "Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You (君に届け, lit. Reaching you)".

The story is about how life changes of a high school girl Sawako Kuronuma (黒沼爽子), called Sadako(貞子) by her classmates for her resemblance to the character from The Ring, after getting in touch with the popular boy Shot Kazehaya (早風翔太). "My heart fluttered after reading the original work, and I want to express the pure honesty of Sawako." said Tabe, and Miura commented: "It's my honor to be chosen to play the role in this popular work. I want to create a great work with everyone's power." The movie is directed by Naoto Kumazawa (熊澤尚人) and will premiere on September 25.

Woah! 1st, Kimi ni Todoke in big screen?! This is one of my favorite manga though it's kind of slow paced (simply because the characters are also slow) but it makes me happy that this will be turned into a movie. Hmmm, I'm curious on how Haruma will portray Kazehaya.. I had only seen him act in Gokusen 3.. (I haven't watched Bloody Monday yet)

Ryusei no Kizuna

At long last, I finished watching Ryusei no Kizuna. I had allotted my whole day just to finish this drama. After watching this, I realized that my list of favorite jdorama are getting longer! This entire series is so good that I can't even stop to eat because I am eager to watch the succeeding episodes. The 3 main characters (Nino, Ryo, and Erika) had portrayed their roles perfectly. And also, I had come up with 1 questions. How come I never noticed that Ryo was super handsome? Really! I was drooling over the handsomeness of Ryo! Maybe it's because I was so busy staring at Tegoshi since he's my favorite NEWS member that I had completely neglected Ryo..

Ok back to the drama, the ending was not really a big shock to me because I'm not quite convinced that the old man is the murderer... And we (I'm watching with my cousins) somehow guessed that the murderer would be the detective.. I'm so proud of Ninomiya he's so good at acting... I had watched Door to Door and I was really crying the entire time. I also watched the first 3 episodes of Yasashii Jikan and..I also cried. I really loved watching Nino act because he's full of emotions and he's very versatile! Hope to see him in many more dramas.

As for Toda Erika, I watched her first in Nobuta wo Produce. I hadn't really appreciated her during that tim since her role was just a minor one. However, when I watched Ryusei, I was really impressed with her. In addition to the known fact that she's so pretty, I was really touched with her acting. I liked her character because she's not just a damsel in distress instead, she's a very strong-willed girl who can do things on her own.

As for Ryo, aside from his gorgeous looks, I really like the parts where they deceive other people for money. In other time he act superior and sometimes pitiful... great!

Generally, it is a must-see drama and I would definitely recommend this to others. This is very heart-warming and I think it is a good drama that the whole family can watch.